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The city of Detroit never seemed sweet to four friends Zada, Jessica, Brinks and Jojo. Coming from the gutter these friends decide to have a hot girl summer in the streets of Miami.


All they wanted was a taste of the fabulous lifestyle until millions of dollars go missing and the blood of a well known kingpin stains their hands.




“I need you to breathe...just breathe.” Were the words my friend JoJo repeated. She was standing in front of me, her hands over my shoulders, trying her best to console me. I was so zoned and terrified that all I could do was hear her, but couldn’t follow through. My eyes were open wide, wider than a baseball stadium while my yellow skin turned pale. I was known for suffering from panic attacks but what I was feeling was way beyond that. 

“Zada.” She called my name, but damn I couldn’t respond. It felt as if my whole spirit left my body and refuse to come back. I couldn’t stop looking at all the blood that covered his expensive ass living room table or fur rug. It seemed to soak up everything. 

“Breathe bitch! Your ass better not pass the fuck out!” JoJo shouted causing my eyes to pop.

That’s when my two other childhood friends Brinks and Jessica ran over to us and got all up in my face. They all wanted to know where my head was and truth be told I did too. 

“I don’t think we should’ve did this y’all.” 

Jessica whispered, “ And where the fuck is Lauren?” She said referring to our fifth member. 

Once her name was mentioned Brinks took off through the mansion with Jessica on her heels while JoJo grabbed my hand, forcing me to move my feet. I damn near fell over until I caught myself. We all ran behind Brinks, knowing she was going to look for Lauren. 

The Mansion we were in was huge. The hallway that led to the marble staircase was bigger than most people’s homes. It was filled with priceless artwork that probably came from all around the world. The place screamed millions. 

“Lauren!” Jessica yelled, causing Brinks to stop dead in her tracks. She turned around fast before grabbing Jessica. 

“Shhhh! Don’t say any of our names. There’s a dead man downstairs. We can’t let the neighbors hear anything.” She said. 

JoJo scrunched up her face, “ This house is bigger than a football field can’t nobody hear us!” 

“I don’t care, no names! Now let’s find Lauren and get the hell out of here.” Brinks ordered. 

As we hurried up the staircase on each other backs we all jumped at once when we hear a loud thump. I guess we all thought of Lauren because soon after we sped up the rest of the stairs like lightning. 

“Lauren!” We all yelled forgetting about what Brinks said about no names. We called out for our friend constantly as we search several rooms inside the home. 

“Where is this bitch.” Brinks cussed looking frustrated. I could tell by her demeanor that she was starting to freak out. She stumbled into more of the rooms as she fussed and cursed as we followed. 

“Lauren you better come on before we leave ya ass.” She cursed once more. 

Brinks was known for being a hot head. She had a mouth of a sailor, a horrible temper and fought like mayweather. You never wanna make her mad especially when she’s drunk. 

“Oh my god y’all I just wanna leave. This is really starting to freak me out. There’s a dead guy downstairs and now we can’t find-“ Jessica couldn’t finish her sentence before Lauren popped out of nowhere. Since we were already scared she made all four of us damn near pass out. It pissed me off. 

“Bitch what the fuck is wrong with you walking off like that! We been running around here scared as hell, looking for you!” I yelled before I slightly pushed her. 

Lauren scrunched up her face like she couldn’t believe I just touched her. Instead of her reacting to it she rolled her eyes and told us to follow her. 

“Wait what are we doing? We don’t have time for games, shouldn’t we be leaving?”JoJo asked.

“Trust me I got us. There’s a few things I need to get and then we can shake. Five minutes promise.” Lauren insured us. 

Seconds later we were all standing in the master bedroom that belonged to Lauren’s boyfriend. Meanwhile she went into some other door connected to his room. 

As we all stood silence in our thoughts I took a peek at Jessica and noticed she was crying. I just looked at her for a second not knowing what to say and that’s when I seen two pair of long legs coming from the other side of the bed. 

I screamed loudly, “Who the fuck is that!” I pointed feeling like I was gonna fall over. 

All the girls turned their heads towards the bed before they finally seen what I saw. They all screamed as well, especially Jessica. She immediately ran out the room. I was going to go after her until Lauren hurried back into the bedroom struggling with three Gucci duffle bags. 

“What’s going on?” She asked all nonchalant. 

“Its another dead body over there on the floor bitch!” Brinks answered. 

Lauren dropped the bags on the floor and tilt her head towards the direction of the body before shrugging her shoulders. 

“Oh that hoe?” She smirked, “ Don’t worry about her, I killed her before y’all pulled up.”

“What?” My whole face lost its color once again. My legs got weak at the thought of another dead body. 

“Hoe? That’s a chick over there? Who is she, Lauren?” JoJo questioned in a panic. 

“And why would you do it?” Brinks asked.

“Well I had to, can’t leave any witnesses.” 

“You just said you killed her before what happened to Poppi! What did you do, Lauren?!” 

“Fine! I killed that bitch because I wanted to. She was fucking around with poppi. I found them in the bed together before I called y’all. He was suppose to help me get rid of her but somebody killed him instead.” Lauren explained while looking directly at me. 

JoJo threw her hands up in frustration, “So now we have two dead people! We’re going to jail... it’s over!” 

Lauren waved  us off as she bent down and unzipped the bags she brought in earlier. 

“Forget all the negative shit, look at what I got us.” She smiled as she showed what was inside. 

We all grasped at once when we saw the thick stacks of cash tucked inside. It was like something off of a gangster movie. I never saw that much cash in my life, but I shouldn’t have been surprised, we were standing in a rich dude’s crib. I was just curious to know how she got access to all that money. That one duffle looked as if it contained a million dollars and she had two more bags of it as well. 

“Where did that money come from?” I questioned her.

“Where do you think it came from? I have codes to a lot of things Poppi didn’t know I even knew about.”

“Wait so you’re stealing from your dead boyfriend?!” 

Lauren moved her head from side to side, “I meannnnn he’s has a bullet in his head right now so I don’t think he’ll need it anymore.”

“Yoooo, you’re one ignorant bitch, Lauren.” JoJo commented.

“Thank you, I practice every morning before I get out of bed.” She spoke sarcastically , “Anyways listen, Poppi is dead and he’s never coming back so why let good money go to waste? I mean we could all use it, especially Zada after what he put her through.” 

“That doesn’t matter Lauren, we can't just go around stealing money from people. Dead or not, it’s wrong.” JoJo protested while I agreed. 

She and I always thought alike and she was absolutely right. For some reason the money Lauren held up in our faces seemed dangerous. Even though Poppi was dead and it belonged to him, there was no telling where the money came from. He was a very powerful man with a lot of connections. 

“How much is there?” Brinks questioned. Jojo and I looked over at her, we could see the curiosity and anxiousness all over her face. 

Lauren grinned, “About five hundred thousand, but that’s just this bag. There’s five more in his office. I could only carry these three.” 

Our mouths dropped. 

“Five hundred grand each bag, are you serious? That’s about four million dollars!”

“Give or could be more. Why y’all think I was up here doing the whole time. I knew that pretty muthafucka had some bread laying around.” She explained, “What? Y’all thought I was playing when I said I got us.” 

“That still doesn’t give us the right to take it.” I said. 

“Zada did you hear what I just said?” Brinks walked over to me and asked, “That's four million that we can all split!”


“Oh bitch you trippin’, I’m going to get the rest of the duffles.” 

Brinks headed off with a pep in her step like she just won the lottery. Meanwhile Lauren stood there smirking like we weren’t in a house with two dead bodies. I couldn’t believe any of them at the moment so I left the room to go check on Jessica. 

“Where the hell are you going.These bags of money are heavy as hell.” I heard Lauren yell out to me. I ignored her before walking into the long hallway where I spotted Jessica leaning over the balcony that led to the staircase. She was breathing hard like she was hyperventilating. 

“You okay?” I questioned, already knowing the answer. Nobody was okay at that point.

“Hell no. What happened to you was already scary, but now I just saw a man lose his life and a dead girl laying on the floor. I mean we came to Miami to have fun and see some new shit, not to star in a new episode of First 48.” 

“I know I feel like I’m in a nightmare.” 

“And what the hell is taking them so long! We need to get out of here!” 

“That’s what I’m trying to get everyone else to realize, but Lauren is in there trying to convince us to take Poppi’s money.” I explained. 

“What?! That’s crazy, tell them I’m leaving right now!” Jessica panicked, “My father is a cop, Zada, he can’t know that I was involved in something like this.” 

I instantly grabbed her arm before she headed to the stairs, “You can’t leave by yourself, we have to stick together. You have to help me convince them to put the money back.” I said but as soon as I said those words a bright light shined from the giant window located in the foyer. Me and Jessica both turned our attention towards the window, trying to figure out what caused the instant light. 

“Is that...” Jessica started. 

“Headlights! Somebody’s pulling up to the house!” I shouted as I felt my heart drop into my ass.  

Seconds later we both ran back inside the bedroom where we found the rest of the girls going through Poppi’s jewelry collection. They had Rolexs, diamond rings and chains in their hands before stuffing it all in the bags with the money. 

“What the hell are y’all doing?! We gotta get out of here!” I shouted as if we were in a horror film.

“Give us a minute, this nigga has way more jewelry than this.” Lauren said as she continued to grab whatever she caught her eye on. 

“Are y’all bitches crazy, taking his shit and selling it is just gonna lead back to us. Put it back!” Jessica shouted. 

“Not the way these diamonds are dancing on this chain. I gotta keep this one.” Brinks smiled. 

“Wipe that goddamn smile off your face because somebody just pulled up to the house!” 

Immediately after I said that Lauren’s whole facial expression changed as if she saw a ghost. She quickly bent down and snatched up the bags of money then threw the bags in our direction. 

“Everybody shut the fuck up and do as I say.” She whispered, “I know we shouldn’t take it, but we have no choice now. We have to make this look like a robbery. That car that just pulled up...that’s Poppi’s niggas. They’re Jamaican and they’re crazy as fuck. If they find us in here with him dead they’ll hang our asses, literally!” 

Me and the rest of the girls followed right along with Lauren and grabbed the rest of the money bags. We started hearing banging and pounding coming from the front door. His crew knew something was wrong and to make matters worse we had to find a way out of the huge mansion before they caught us. 

Lauren came up with a plan right before we heard the front door fly off its hinges. As we escaped out of Poppi’s balcony window with most of his jewelry and millions of dollars in cash, we could hear his crew getting all rattled up. We all assumed they found Poppi with a bullet in his head. When we finally escaped his gated estate by the help of Lauren’s conniving ass we went back to the hotel that we booked for our Miami trip. Instead of taking an Uber, we walked back so we were all tired by the time we got there. 


Once settled inside the room, Lauren wasted no time removing the large stacks of money from the Gucci duffels. She began counting one whole bag by herself while we sat there watching. 

“I thought you said you already knew how much was in there?” JoJo questioned. 

Lauren didn’t even look up to answer the question, she just kept counting, thumbing threw each bill with ease. 

“The rest of it not gone count its self. Are y’all gone help me or what?” She finally said. 

I rolled my eyes, getting fed up of what was going on. The whole night was a disaster and everybody acted like we weren’t suppose to talk about it. Two people died because of us, money and expensive ass jewelry was stolen, and now Jamaicans were probably somewhere plotting on us. I was terrified like never before and all I wanted to was go back on home where I felt safe.  

“Listen I know this might be what’s important to you right now, but we need to talk about what happened.” I told Lauren. 

She huffed then threw the money down as if she was annoyed, “Fine, which part would you like to discuss? The part where you shot Poppi in the head?” She threw in my face. 

“Bitch you killed someone too! What about that girl?” 

“Yeah I know that, we all do, but that doesn’t mean we keep talking about it.” 

“Lauren’s right Z, it’ll be better if we just all pretend like it didn’t happen and move on.” Brinks shrugged.

“Well that’s pretty hard to do when there’s four million dollars laying on the bed.” Jessica added taking my side.

“Yeah and it’s a damn blessing, learn to appreciate it.” Lauren stated, “Listen, if its police and shit that y’all worried about, chill out. They’ll never know it was us, everyone knows half of Miami hated Poppi including the boys in blue.” 

“Well what about those dread heads that damn near knocked his house down going crazy.” JoJo said, thinking exactly what I was.

“Well we left the scene as if it was a murder/robbery so the first thing they’ll do is point the finger at whoever Poppi had problems with.” 

The way Lauren explained everything made it sound like a piece of cake, but that was easier said than done. Of course everyone didn’t have too much to worry about unlike me. I was no longer the innocent twenty one year old that I was hours ago. Now I was a killer that murdered one of the most powerful men in Miami. I quickly began to have a panic attack from being so overwhelmed and tears filled my eyes. 

JoJo took notice before any of the others did and ran over to me. She wrapped her arms around me tight, embracing me with a much needed hug.

“Zada don’t cry. I know you’re probably traumatized right now, but that muthafucka deserved it.” She stated. 

The way the whole night started began to replay in my mind. I wondered how something so damn fun could turn into a tragedy within twenty four hours. We came to Miami to visit Lauren and to see the amazing lifestyle that she was so-called we had a taste of it. 



12 Hours Earlier...



I woke up to the sound of a ringing cell phone. It was louder than usual; which caused my head to pound like a drum in a school marching band. My eyes barely could open, they wanted to stay shut. I was tired and hungover from me and my girls enjoying our first night in Miami. We did everything we could think of; walking the famous strip, drinking until our bladders wanted to burst and partying like we had nothing to lose. We were just happy to finally see something other than dull and cold Detroit. 


We had also come to Miami on a mission to visit our friend Lauren. She left our hometown straight out of high school and never returned. So we always made sure to stay in contact with her, especially when she gave us the news about her being dangerously in love with a rich nigga. Her whole life went from ordinary to lavish. Once she told us to come through, we hopped on the first plane smoking. 


When I got my eyes to open all the way, I noticed all the red cups and liquor bottles surrounding me on the hotel floor. My friends were scattered around the room with their weaves over their heads causing me to chuckle. After a deep yarn and rubbing my tired eyes I turned my attention back to the ringing cell phone, realizing that it was mines. It was my mother. 

“Hey ma.” I answered, sounding raspy. 

“Little girl I thought I told your butt to call me each morning and night while you’re out there?” My mother questioned. I could hear Anita Baker playing in her background; which meant she was back at home cleaning the entire house, like she did every Saturday.

“We talked yesterday.” 

“That’s when you got off the plane, heffa.” She joked, “sound like you just got up. What’s the time over there?”

I looked over at the clock on the nightstand,” After Noon.” 

“Y’all must have partied y’all asses off last night huh?”

I laughed, “Yeah a little. It’s just so much to do’s nothing like back at home.” 

“Well I’m happy that you got the chance to experience something new, but don’t get too out of control nah.”

“I won’t.” I said, not too sure. 

“Have y’all seen miss thang yet?” 

She was referring to Lauren. Let’s just say that they didn’t favor each other. My mom always saw Lauren as a sneaky troublemaker, but she was right. In high school Lauren used to steal from the mall and fight whoever looked at her wrong. 

“Nope, she just got back from Mexico with her boyfriend, but she’ll be picking us up today.” 

“Boyfriend? I thought she might of been a lesbian.” 

I rolled my eyes, my mother loves to be nosy. 

“She goes both ways I guess,” I shrugged, “I don’t know ma. It’s not my business anyways I just came to have fun with my friends.” 

“Okay well just watch out for her because I never could trust her.” 

I huffed and she continued.

“I’m serious Zada. I know that was your friend in high school, but people do change. I mean there’s no telling what she might be doing out there...Miami is the fast life.” She preached.

“Okay Ma I hear you loud and clear... the whole city does.” I replied sarcastically. 

That’s when I heard a knock on the room door. I immediately knew who it was and got up off the floor. After telling my mom I’ll call her back I opened the door to find Lauren standing on the other side dressed flasher than Cardi B. 

“Hey Bitch welcome to Miamiiiii!!!” She sang then reached out for a hug. 

After our embrace I took a step back to admire how great she looked. She was Gucci and Chanel down to her flip flops. Her once pale skin from being biracial was now perfectly tanned. Her long brown curly hair that I used to love was now dyed platinum blonde and her flawless makeup looked as if she had the same make up artist as Beyonce. Everything that I used to know of my old friend was now gone, but it looked good on her. 

“Lauren, you look...great!” I expressed with a smile. 

“Thank you.” She said as she did a turn around, “And you do too. I see you still got those Lauren London dimples and that big ole booty.”

We both laughed before I let her into the room. She instantly walked in with a strut as if dollar bills flew from her ass every time she took a step. I just shook my head and watched as she looked at the girls as they all slept. 

“Y’all bitches stank!Wake up!” She yelled playfully. 

The first one up was Brinks’s crazy ass. She flew up so fast, ready to fight that she stood up with her fist in the air. Lauren almost fell to the floor from laughing so hard. 

“Brinks learn to put down the bottle, it’s just me.” Lauren giggled.

Brinks laughed as well. Brinks real name was Brittany but we called her Brinks because my homegirl loved to party and get her drink on. She was a very pretty brown skin chick with wide hips and an obsession for colorful wigs. 

“Oh my god honey look at you!!” Brinks comments as she checked Lauren out. “You're getting money bitch!” 

As Brinks became louder and louder, both Jessica and JoJo woke up at the same time. They couldn’t believe their eyes either as they realized that Lauren was no longer broke like us. She was living it up and we couldn’t wait to see what she had to show us. 

“Raise and shine hoes!!”


It didn’t take us too long to get up and get dressed. We were so excited to be out again that we rushed everything. We rushed our makeup, threw on swimsuits and headed out the hotel. It was three in the afternoon and Miami was already booming. The temp was in the high 90s with no clouds in sight. Good looking people, foreign cars and amazing shopping was what I could see for miles. All five of us hopped into Lauren’s 2018 Pink Bentley truck and headed out to be seen. 

“Shots of tequila over here please!!” Brinks yelled out to the bartender. We rode up to a  spot that Lauren chose. It was a restaurant and a bar, famous for their tasty food and drinks. We sat there laughing, trying to catch up for lost times. 

“Y’all Snapchat ready or nah!” Brinks continued as she put up her cell and started recording us. 

Everybody stuck their tongues out before throwing back the shots of tequila. We got a little buzzed before smashing into our food. 

“I swear it feels so good to be around y’all. I miss when we had days like this at eight mile Coney at three o’clock in the morning.” Lauren commented. I smiled, causing me to think of one of craziest times.

“Oh yeah you remember when you fought that girl in the coney bathroom.” I said, making the girls burst into laughter. 

“Hell yeah I remember that. The bitch knocked my purse on the floor and tried to walk out like she didn’t do it.” Lauren responded. 

JoJo laughed, “All we heard was yelling and  ran up in there. You had the girl’s head in the pissy toilet water.” 

“Yeah that’s back when I use to fight over the littlest things.” Lauren reminisced,” So how's everybody back at home?”

“The same, it just depends on who you’re talking about?” 

“For one, has anybody seen my mama lately?” 

Once Lauren asked that we all lowered our heads. We all knew how bad of a relationship Lauren had with her mom, the lady been a crackhead since the early 2000s. 

“I haven’t, every time I go by her house she’s never at home.” I said. Every now and then I went to go check on Ms. Aple, but her house always looked deserted since she roamed the streets daily, 

“Well last time I saw her she was on Grand River asking everybody for change.” Brinks blurted out. I watched JoJo elbow her for the comment, knowing it would hurt Lauren. 

“That white whore just won’t learn.” Lauren stated, referring to her mother.

“You haven’t spoken to her at all?” I questioned.

“Hell no, not in months. I sent her money and she didn’t even say thank you.” 

“Maybe try calling her?” JoJo suggested. 

“Or when I get back I’ll go looking for her.” I added knowing it would be a hard search.

“Naw...don’t even bother.” Lauren mumbled.

There was silence for a few minutes because we didn’t know what to say to Lauren. Her mother was always a touchy subject. I saw the same hurt in her eyes then that I saw the day we graduated high school. While every student celebrated with their families after grabbing their diploma, Lauren had no one. Her mom didn’t even show up for the ceremony. 

“Well let’s talk about how good you’re living now. What’s going on in Detroit should be a non factor honey.” Jessica said. 

I agreed, “How was Mexico?” 

“It was great. Me and Poppi did a whole bunch of fun shit. Let me show y’all hoes.” Lauren smiled before bringing out photos of her trip. We looked at them together, asking a million questions and wondering about her new man.

“Bitch all these picture of you and no nigga... you sure this dude you been telling us about is real.” Brinks commented. 

“Girl you saw the truck, you better stop playing. Y’all know I've never been the type to lie about my shit. Poppi just ain’t no picture taking nigga.” 

JoJo raised an eyebrow, “Oh I know what that means.” 

“And what’s that?” 

“He’s doing some illegal shit.” 

Lauren shrugged, “Maybe just a little.” 

Brinks giggled, “Damn this the first time you ever been modest about something. Usually you spill all the beans.” 

“Well when you level up like I did you gotta tone it down just a little.” 

“Well, are we gonna at least meet him while we’re here?” I asked quietly.

“Of course, I told him all about y’all coming. He said he’s gonna have something lined up for us later. Let’s just say he really knows how to have fun.” She answered. 

I nodded my head, but I knew something wasn’t right. Even though Lauren smiled from ear to ear I could look in her eyes and tell that something was bothering her. 

“Lauren what’s his real name? I feel weird calling him Poppi.” I stated. 

“Poppi is his real name.” She lied.

JoJo gave her the side eye, “Girl If you don’t want us to know his real name just say that.” 

“Exactly bitch you’re lying like your hair color.” Brinks added. 

“Damn I forgot how annoying y’all hoes can be.” Lauren shot at us, “instead of trying to get the whole background of my dude let’s down these DRINKS!”

Lauren began buying us more drinks causing our whole section of the bar to be filled with shot glasses. We sat there for a couple hours getting loaded and talking our shit. People inside the bar even started cheering us on, daring us to drink more, especially Brinks. She got so fucked up that she put on a show like she did wherever we went. Standing up on the bar she twerked her booty to Blac Youngsta’s song “Booty”. 

Girl, I wanna see you (twerk)

I'll throw a lil' money if you (twerk)

I don't really think you can (twerk)

(Toot, toot), twerk

If you broke, go to (work)

Make that big booty (twerk)

Make that big booty (twerk)

(Toot, toot)

Can I touch that booty?

That booty, that big old booty?

Shake that booty, can I lay on the booty?

Mike Tyson on the booty

Copyright that booty (toot, toot)


Me and the other girls fell out laughing until we decided that it was time to ride to our next spot.

We rode around the city vibing while soaking up all the attention we received from everybody. There was a huge crowd on each street. Out of towners ran in and out of different spots, enjoying what the wonderful city had to offer. I felt like I was in a movie as we swerved lanes and blasting music before ending up at the beach. 

Lummus Park beach was beautiful! In twenty one years of living I had never actually seen a large body of water so blue. The beaches back in Michigan were polluted and dirty, filled with all types of trash, but what was in front of me was the complete opposite. The beach’s sand even looked gold as the sun shone upon it. The palm trees stood tall and hung long, making me feel like I was no longer in the United States. 

My eyes even sparkled as I watched people surf on the moving waves and jet ski from shore to shore. Looking up I noticed colorful kites flying in the air that belonged to the kids laughing and playing in the sand. While college kids of mixed races participated in a friendly competition of volleyball.

“Oh my god y’all Miami is the shit! I might move down here too.” Jessica commented as we made our way towards the sand to find a spot.  Once we did the first thing she did was throw her cover up off, exposing her perfect body to the dudes surrounding us. They couldn’t keep their eyes off her super slim waist and round behind. Everybody knew Jessica was a baddie. She resembled a younger, but slimmer Nicki Minaj. Plus she was smart. She had a business mindset with dreams of having her own cosmetics line since she was so damn good at doing makeup. 

“Ay sweetheart bring your fine ass over here.” One dude called out to her. 

Jessica smiled before walking over to him and his friends while we laid our beach towels down. 

“Shit, y’all come with her. I’m tryna see what’s up with you my baby.” Another guy in the crew pointed to me. I instantly knew he was from Detroit because only our city referred to people as my baby. I looked ole dude up and down well pleased. He was a fine brown skin with braces and tattoos everywhere. I smiled and walked over right along with Jessica. JoJo stayed behind since she had a boyfriend back at home. Meanwhile Brinks and Lauren stuck up their noses, continuing to set up our spot. 

As I walked over Mr. Brown skin just could not stop staring at me. He had his eyes glued to my body and so did his four other friends. Their whole damn crew was fine, coming in different varieties and complexions. Once me and Jessica stood in front of the group of guys I noticed they had a bottle of patron and a blunt going around. 

“Tell the rest of y’all girls to come here.” Brown skin insisted. 

“Ummm their not really into guys.” I lied. The truth was Lauren and Brinks didn’t want their company because they didn’t see dollar signs, but I couldn’t say that. 

“Oh okay that’s cool. What’s y’all names?” 

“I’m Zada and this is my best friend Jessica.” 

“Damn y’all pretty as hell. I’m Sean.” The one that wanted Jessica introduced himself, “ These my niggas West, Derrick, Khalil and Jordan.” All the guys smiled including the brown skin now known as West.

“Are y’all from Detroit?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, how you know?” 

“A lot of people don’t say my baby.” I explained, causing them to chuckle. 

“Y’all must be from the D too then, huh?” West asked. 

“Yeah we are, we came here to visit our-“ Jessica couldn’t finish her sentence before we heard Brinks shit talking. 

“Um do y’all enjoy entertaining those lame ass niggas or something?!” She yelled from our spot on the beach. Her and Lauren were laying in the sand looking all pretty while JoJo shook her head from Brinks ignorant comment. Even the causian woman sitting not too far from them had to cover her young son’s ears. 

“Damn what’s up with ya girl?” Sean questioned with an attitude. 

“Oh my god please excuse her, she's like that with everybody.” Jessica apologized. 

“It’s cool, just tell her to chill out with that shit. I wouldn’t wanna slap a bitch!” Sean cursed loud enough for Brinks to hear him. 

“Bitch?!” Jessica and I both yelled in sync. We couldn’t believe how rude he was. Of course we all knew Brinks was wrong for what she said, but calling her out of name was unnecessary. Within seconds the rest of the girls came walking up. 

“I know your broke food stamp looking ass ain’t calling me a bitch?!” Brinks fussed. 

She was all in his face, rolling her neck. She rolled her neck so hard that her sunglasses fell off the top of her head.

“If you were over there talking shit then you heard me.” Sean replied as he stood up. West stood up beside him and stuck his arm out. 

“Yo nigga calm down that’s a female.” He told him. 

“Man I don’t care what she is, ain’t nobody gonna disrespect me. Especially a chick wearing a synthetic ass wig!” 

“And who are you exactly because all you look like is a fuck boy if you ask me.” Lauren commented.

“Man fuck all y’all tired ass hoes!” 

Lauren chuckled, “You sure you wanna go there? I can have you getting hurt out here.” 

Sean immediately stuck out his chest,” Bitch by who!?” 

“By el Rey, the king of Miami fuck nigga!” 

“Hold up all this ain’t even necessary.” West said trying to resolve the problem, but things got worse when we all heard the sound of a gun being cocked. Everybody turned their heads, facing a tall brown skin man with dreads and a million chains on. He was a pretty boy, but with all his muscle and the dudes behind him made him look like a nightmare. Meet Poppi better known to the streets as ‘El Rey’ king of Miami. 

“This shit right here definitely ain’t necessary when I could just put a bullet in y’all niggas heads and call it a day.” He spoke coldly. His words gave everyone chills. We didn’t even know him, but we all knew he had no problem doing it. Even in front of thousands of  people at the beach. 

I could see Sean and West swallow hard. 

“Naw man it ain’t even like that.” West said, sounding friendly. 

“Nigga did I ask you to speak?” Poppi asked West, causing Brinks to snicker. West didn’t say anything else making him look like a bitch. Lauren folded her arms satisfied. 

“Before y’all bitch ass niggas come to Miami y’all better know who run this shit. Now get the fuck off my beach before I make y’all mamas cry.” Poppi finished. 

Sean, West and their crew grabbed their stuff and slowly walked off. West looked at me and I looked at him back, feeling kinda bad that he got punked. 

“Oh my god babe how did you know I was here?” Lauren asked Poppi as she rubbed his shoulder. 

He looked at her sideways, “Don’t worry about all that, just get in the car so you and your girls can follow us.” He demanded before walking off, not even waiting for her to reply. 

“Come on y’all, let’s go.” She told us as we walked over to get our belongings. 

“Wait who the hell is He?” JoJo whispered. 

“Girl that’s Poppi. I told you he was fine.” 

“I’m not worried about his looks, bitch I’m scared of him. I really thought he was about to kill everybody.” 

Lauren giggled,”Don’t worry about that, just come on.” 

As all five of us returned back to Lauren’s truck we couldn’t stop asking questions about Poppi especially when we all saw him hop into a brand new Lamborghini. We had questions about what he did, who he knew and Brinks even asked how big his dick was. I just wanted to know where the hell he was taking us. 

“Okay y’all when we get to our destination just remember not to ask Poppi a whole bunch of personal questions like y’all just asked me.” Lauren instructed as she zoomed in and out of traffic to keep up with her man.

“Why not?” Jessica questioned. 

“Girl, did you really just ask that? I mean he doesn’t want any and everybody in his business especially females he just met. Might think y’all the feds or something.” 

“Feds? Ohhhh so you're messing with a drug dealer?” Brinks cheese. 

“More like a drug lord or a kingpin. Drug dealer sounds like a nickel and dime hustler.” 

I shook my head, “It’s all the same thing, but anyways where are we going. No offense but we don’t know him.” 

Lauren shrugged, “I don’t know, but best believe it’s gonna be fun... with money on the floor, literally.” 

Brinks rubbed her hands together, “Shit, sounds like a place I wanna be.” 

“Yeah so you can have enough money to change that pink ass wig.” JoJo commented, making us all laugh. 

After following behind Poppi’s Lambo for what seemed like hours we finally pulled up to a gated Mansion in one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods I ever seen. The landscaping included white flowers, the grass and bushes were trimmed to perfection, there were even statues of fine art. I couldn’t stop looking at it all as Lauren pulled into the long circular driveway.

“Who’s bomb ass house is this?” JoJo asked Lauren.

“Girl this is Poppi's second crib.” 

“Second?!” We all yelled. 

“Yeah this is big money, not that mediocre paper that y’all used to.” She laughed playfully, “Now remember what I said about no personal questions.” 

“We heard you the first time. Now is he having a party or something because what’s up with all these cars pulling up.” Brinks said as she brought everyone’s attention to  foreign vehicles surrounding the house. As people started emerging from the cars, we noticed how rich and powerful they all looked. There were even high paid celebrities popping up as well. 

“Oh my god! Is that Dj Khale and look he got Rick Ross with him too.” Jessica grasped in excitement before pulling out her hand mirror to check out her appearance. 

“I spy the baddest bitch!” I smiled referring to the rapper Trina. 

After seeing celebrity after celebrity walk up to Poppi’s house my girls and I were on a mission. We followed right behind Jessica and made sure our shit was on point. 

“Zada how do I look?” JoJo asked me as we hopped out of the car. 

I looked my best friend up and down with a smile. JoJo was a true baddie. Unlike most chicks she rocked her shit the natural way. She had the most beautiful natural curls I had ever seen. They were big, long and dyed a pretty burgundy. She also had flawless brown skin that always seemed to glisten right along with her brown eyes and huge smile. People always compared her looks to the actress Kiersey Clemons. 

“You’re a baddie like always, Jodie.” I told her, calling her by her government. 

“Thanks big booty and you look colder than ever.” She cheesed after smacking my booty. I laughed while hoping that I really did look up to par for the party.  I was rocking a see through cover up dress over a blue two piece swimsuit I bought from fashion nova. To match I wore some really cute rhinestone studded Steven Madden sandals that made me white toenails pop. My brown and blonde highlighted hair was half up and half down which really made me look like Lauren London. 

“Okay hoes no childish games around these kind of people. I don’t want y’all to make me look bad.” Lauren joked but we all knew she was serious. 

“Save it baby girl, there’s no rookies in this group.” Brinks shot back before switching her way to the mansion. 

We followed right along with our lips shining and our wanna be Chanel bags hanging over our shoulders. Once we made it through the door we found Poppi greeting everyone as they walked in. As soon as he saw us he eyed each of us one by one, but his stare stayed longer on me. 

“Babyyyyy.” Lauren sang as she threw her arms around him. He hugged her back, but not with much affection. I was starting to notice their love might not be equal on both sides. 

“Meet my best friends. They came all the way from my hometown to visit us.” 

“To visit ‘Us’ huh?” Poppi asked with a smirk. 

We all stood around him with smiles, catching the attention from all the dudes in the party.

Lauren took her time introducing us one by one while Poppi made things a little awkward with his expressions. You could tell he liked what he saw, but he could’ve made it less noticeable, Lauren was standing right there. 

“Please excuse my behavior back at the beach.” He apologized with his thick Puerto Rican accent.

“Well you could get us a few drinks and introduce us to your friends to make it up.” Brinks smirked with her hands on her hips. 

Poppi smirked at her before flexing his right hand for his boys to walk over. Brinks nor Jessica didn’t wait long for them to approach before walking up on them. Jojo and I just stood there feeling a little uncomfortable. 

“What’s wrong ma, you good?” Poppi asked me. 

“Oh....yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled nervously. 

“Well you ladies enjoy yourselves in my home. There’s no limits here.  I got food, drinks, and stripper poles. Whatever you like.”

“Okayyyy.” Jojo replied once Poppi walked away. 

I was so happy when he did due to the awkward vibe he was giving off. While Lauren followed behind her man to greet a group of guests that just stepped into the house, Jojo and I made our way to the huge buffet table that was being hosted by staff. There was lobster, stuffed shrimp, caviar and other shit that rich people ate. I grabbed whatever looked good, knowing it would be my first and last time trying it. Once Jojo had her plate full, the staff handed us glasses of Champagne. At that point I was no longer uncomfortable, I was excited to try the delicious looking food on my plate. So excited that I didn’t notice the guy walking up on me until he picked me and ran me out to the backyard. I began screaming at the top of my lungs, not understanding what the hell was going on. Jojo dropped her plate and ran after us until ole boy carrying me dived into the deep pool with me over his shoulder. 

“Nooo!” I screamed.

Soon as we fell in, I quickly swam back to the top, pissed. All the hard work I put into my hair that day went to waste. Now I was a wet hot mess. After rubbing my burning eyes from the chlorine filled water, I found the guy swimming next to me, laughing along with a few other people. I immediately splashed water in his face.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I shouted at him. 

He was a nice looking dark skin dude. Probably Jamaican, but I was so mad at his irritating ass that I said fuck his apperenace.

“I was wondering how you look when you get wet.” He winked before he started swimming away.

“Dumb ass!” I yelled.

As soon as he jumped out of the pool, I watched Poppi and his security snatch the guy up. Security had him by his neck as he asked them what he did wrong. Poppi punched in the stomach causing him to bend over in pain.

“Don’t do that stupid ass shit again. We ain’t in middle school muthafucka.” Poppi warned him, “Man get this big ass kid up out of my crib.” 

With those words being said security did as they were told and removed the Jamaican dude. Jojo and Lauren came over to help me get out of the pool. I was so embarrassed. 

“What the fuck is wrong with people.” I complained as I brushed my fingers through my hair. 

“Yeah that was childish as fuck. Want me to go make you another plate?” Jojo suggested.

“Naw girl I’m good.” 

Seconds laters a very short Hispanic woman came out of the house with a tray of towels, handing them over to Lauren. 

“Thank you, Sabrina.” She thanked the lady.

Lauren passed a towel to me so I began wiping my face and body off. Taking my cover up off, I could feel the eyes of every man around the pool, staring at my curvaceous body.

“Damn, your body is banging.” Lauren commented while checking me out.

 I quickly wrapped the towel around myself to cover up and then took a seat at one of the pool chairs nearby. 

“How does my hair look? I know I look like a damn mess.” I said. 

“Girl you just had every dude tongue hanging out looking at your ass. There’s your answer right there.” Jojo smirked.

I smiled slightly as I threw my hair into a ponytail right before a light skin chick with wide hips and tall in height walked over. The girl didn’t say a word yet and Lauren was already annoyed with her presence.

“What do you want, Diamond?” She shot. 

The girl known as Diamond took a seat next to me. She was so close that her toned thigh touched mine. 

“Damn Lauren, be cool. I just came over to introduce myself to your friends.” She said, swinging her weave. She kindly spoke to Jojo then turned her attention towards me. 

“I’m Zada.” I told her.

“Nice to meet you and I must say you’re one fine ass female. I mean most bitches get out of the water looking like somebody’s uncle, but you still look good wet and all.” Diamond flirted, “Where did Poppi find you?”

“Uh, he didn’t.” Jojo replied, answering the question for me. 

“Yeah, Diamond when I say these are my friends that’s what I mean so you can dismiss yourself. Don’t you have guests to entertain?” Lauren snapped. 

“Bitch I don’t work for you! Besides, I'm trying to entertain Ms. Zada. She is a guest.” Diamond smiled. The way she was looking at me made me understand where the conversation was headed. She was hitting on me. She was pretty and all, but I wasn’t trying to go there with her. Instead of being rude I put some space in between her and I. 

“She’s good. She doesn’t need your clingy ass up in her face” Lauren said as she stood up, “As a matter of fact, Zada can you follow me?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just need to talk to you about something.” She answered, “We'll be back JoJo.” 

Standing up from my seat, I followed behind Lauren as she re entered the mansion. A lot happened the year she left after high school and we never got a chance to discuss  it. So I was thinking that might be it. 

“Girl you’re taking me all the way up here for what?” I fussed as we claimed the huge staircase. 

“Just follow me and stop talking.” 

I rolled my eyes until we ended up on the third level of the mansion, standing on the balcony. We had a view of the whole party, watching all Poppi’s rich friends having the time of their life. We also spotted Brinks wild ass trying to give Rick Ross a lap dance. Lauren and I both laughed out loud as she rubbed on his belly.

“Is it just me or has that broad gotten crazier?” Lauren commented.

“Imagine seeing her everyday like you use to.”

“I know I’m the one who got her ass acting like that in the first place. Freshman year baby girl was a square.” 

“We all were.” 

“So you mess with anybody back at home?”


“Why not? Niggas love them a shy ass female.” 

“I guess, but ain’t nothing new. It’s the same as when you left. Dudes still have no respect.” 

“Of course not, they don’t even respect their own damn mama. You should find a girl that you like.” Lauren whispered, causing me to roll my eyes. 

“How about you be quiet.”I said, pissed. 

No one knew of the little secret I had about me going both ways. No one, but Lauren. 

“Quiet  for what?” She asked before dropping her head, “Don’t tell me that the girls still don’t know about you dipping in the pussy pond?” 

“No, they don’t know and I probably won’t tell them. Those were high school days anyways...I’m strictly dickly now.” 

Lauren smacked her lips like she didn’t believe me, “Now who do you think you're fooling?”

“You know Lauren I can say the same thing about you. I don’t think you love your new life like you say you do.” 

“Girl please, this shit is a dream come true. Besides, we're not talking about me, we’re talking about you.” 

“Listen, I don’t need you judging my shit just because your situation is so called better than mine.”

Lauren put her hands up in defense, “I wasn’t judging, but you’re completely right. I just wanted to know...if you really missed me.”

I looked at her for a second in complete silence. I knew where she was getting at, I just didn’t expect it so early in the trip. I didn’t even get the chance to respond before she grabbed my hand once again and made me follow her. 

We ended up in one of the many rooms of the mansion where she laid me down on the bed and began kissing me. Our tongues freely touch one another's, not caring that she had a man or not. She laid there on top of me feeling over my curves like she used to back in the day. It only took seconds for my pussy to get wet causing my bikini bottoms to become soaked.

“Lauren what if Poppi finds us in here doing this or one of the girls?” I asked, feeling a bit paranoid. As bad as I wanted her to touch me I was afraid that our long kept secret would get out. 

“Shhhh, nobody’s coming.” She whispered before going back to kissing my lips. 

“Okay.” I said, finally letting the thought go. 

I began moaning once Lauren got to the nip of my neck and sucked it. She knew from past occasions that sucking on my neck drove me crazy, resulting in extra wetness. My clit immediately throbbed so I pulled off my bottoms while Lauren took off the rest of my clothes. Once I was naked, I made her stand up so I could undress her as well. Once she was, I took one of her pretty nipples into my mouth and gently licked it. I bit it a little knowing that it would turn her on; which it did. Her hands started roaming her yellow skin until her hands made its way down to her pussy. She began rubbing it with all four fingers while I made more kisses all over her breast.

“Give me that pussy.” She demanded at me after pushing me down on the bed. 

She made me spread both legs and lift them high before she threw her head deep in between my thighs. Her plump lips instantly felt like heaven as they rubbed against my swollen clitoris. She took her time, making sure to caress my pussy with care. She licked my asscrack all the way up to my pussy and repeated that move until I pulled at the bed sheets. I was on the verge of cumming but I wanted to savor the feeling longer. 

“Oh my god!” I moaned loudly as I moved my hips right along with her face. When she moved her face, she got up and prepared to put her body on top of mine. She bent over the opposite way from me and put her pussy over my face. Soon as I felt her super wet peach I dug my tongue deep into her hole and did circular motions within her walls. She slightly screamed in pleasure then continued to please me. We laid there in the sixty nine position for what seemed like hours just feasting on each other.  We had the entire bed wet with our juices and we couldn’t seem to stop. I came over and over again until my ecstasy came to a stop when we heard the door of the bedroom move. I immediately moved her body off of mine and hopped off the bed worried that someone saw us. 

“Oh my god Lauren, what was that?” I asked, covering up my naked body. 

Lauren shrugged like her usual self. 

“I don’t know.” 

“Do you think someone was spying on us?” 

“Shit, if they were so what.” She replied, trying her best to get me back in the mood. 

I stopped her. I was more focused on finding out if the door really moved or maybe I was just trippin’. 

“We should head back down to the party. Can I take a shower first?” 

“Yeah, I’ll come with you.” 

“I can shower alone, Lauren.” I said, still a little paranoid. 

“Zada, chill out, It’s not that serious. I’m sure that sound probably came from one of the other rooms.” 

“Yeah, but it sounded close.” 

Lauren smacked her lips and shook her head, “Go get in the shower scary ass.”

I ignored her and went to go take care of my business in the bathroom. Before hopping into the shower, I realized I had a text from JoJo asking where we went. I couldn’t come up with a lie so I didn’t reply at all. 

I rushed and got downstairs without even waiting for Lauren. After passing all the thirsty niggas pulling on me I made my way outside to the party. I looked around the huge crowd trying my best to spot the girls, but had no luck. The party seemed to have gotten bigger versus when we first got there. I became frustrated as I moved past girls shaking their asses and dudes dancing with bottles of liquor in each hand. I couldn’t lie, Poppi knew how to throw a good party, but I wanted to be surrounded by the people I knew. I even tried calling them, but didn’t get an answer. 

“What’s up Ma, you looking for your girls?” Someone asked me from behind. 

I turned around and found Poppi standing there with two red cups. 

“Yeah.” I replied. 

“Here take this and follow me. I’ll show you where they are.” He insisted as he handed me one of the red cups. I politely took it from him while he led the way. 

“You having a good time?” He asked over the loud music. 

“Yeah, you know a lot of damn people.” 

“Naw a lot of  people know me.” 

I smiled at his comment because I figured out why Lauren liked him so much. He was just as cock as her ass. 

“How y’all enjoying my city so far?”

“I love it! Way more glamorous than where I’m from.” I explained as I took a sip of the drink he gave me. I swallowed hard and practically screamed from how strong the drink was. 

“Ugh! What the hell is this?” I asked him as we walked back into the house.

“Some shit you clearly ain’t up on.” He chuckled. 

Leading me farther into the house, we got to a set of gold double doors. He opened them both and another set of stairs going down appeared. I assumed it was the basement. At first I wanted to turn back around feeling like I couldn’t trust him, but when I heard female laughter I figured it was my girls so I followed. 

“Watch your step.” 

As soon as Poppi said those words I began to feel dizzy. My legs almost gave out causing me to stumble into him. 

“Give me your hand ma.” He insisted. 

“No, I'm fine.” I answered. I was trying my best to get down the stairs. I needed to get to my girls. The dizziness I felt began to increase and my head turned into a thousand pounds. 

“JoJo! Jessica!” I yelled, “Brinks....Lauren!” 

I continued to make it down the stairs with Poppi as I held onto the rail. Once we got down to the bottom I realized that the laughter I heard wasn’t from my friends, there were two white girls doing lines of coke on a pool table. My eyes got wide and I felt out of breath.

“Where’s my friends?” I questioned quickly. 

“I thought since you love eating pussy so much that I’ll introduce you to some new friends.” Poppi smirked.


“I saw what happened between you and my bitch. Let me see more.” 

I was in shock because I suspected that someone was at the door, but I didn’t think it would be him. I wanted to explain myself even though I felt embarrassed, but I couldn’ tongue went numb. That’s when I put it all together, his ass spiked my drink. 

“What did you give me?!” 

Poppi walked over to the pool table with the girls and did a line of coke himself. 

“A little something something. I’ll give you some coke too, if you want it.” He snapped at the girls,”Give me a show.” 

Seconds later the girls began hungry ripping off their clothes, acting as if they were starring in a porno. Poppi pulled out his dick and stroked it while looking at me. The first thing I thought was to run like the damn wind. When I tried, my legs finally gave out completely and I crashed onto the floor. I laid there on my stomach, trying to focus my vision to get up. My eyes were closing on me and before they did, Poppi flipped me over. He stood over me with his huge penis in my face telling those nasty white chicks to undress me. I wanted to curse him so badly, but before I could, everything went dark.