Rachel and Rain Campbell had nothing, but the best in their lives growing up. They are the diamonds of their father’s eye although older sister, Rachel’s light has always shone brighter than Rain’s, casting a dark shadow that Rain has had to live in forever.

Now in their adult life, Rachel’s light as eclipsed Rain fully as Rachel’s set to get married to the Mayor’s son, Heru. The same Heru who went to college with Rain—the same Heru who Rain has always had eyes for. Despite their differences, Rachel and Rain have always loved each other. Everything between them is calm.

The sisters have never truly been at odds until now as Rain knows all Rachel’s secrets except the darkest one. When Rachel’s deepest secret is uncovered it leads to a wild storm that Rain never imagined she’d get herself into. And in the storm’s aftermath; the sisters, their family, and their lives will never be the same again.



Prologue - The Wedding

Heru had been alive for twenty-six years and he never thought that he would be getting married. For a long time, he hated everything about the word marriage. He could have never envisioned himself being with just one woman. But that was all a distant memory as he stood here about to marry Rachel Campbell.

His friends Trevor, Khalil, Deshawn walked out to the front of the church through the groomsman’s door with him. Heru couldn’t choose between Trevor and Deshawn for a best man, so I made both of them best men, but Deshawn would be the one giving the speech. Trevor was bound to say all types of shit when he was drunk and there was no doubt that he’d be drunk when it was time for the vegan, non-vegan reception. He looked over and saw his sister, Zakiya sitting on the bride side, snapping pictures as if she was the photographer instead of the real photographer that was hired. Rachel chose the wedding colors, lilac, black, and white. White roses hung to lilac streamers on the filled pews. The carpet was white with scattered lilac petals leading up to the double doors. 

Soft music begun playing and the doors opened, Zakiya was leading the way in the step formation that Rachel had her bridesmaids and maid of honor practice over and over again until it was perfect for her. They were both dressed in black, spaghetti-strapped dresses with a lilac band around their waist. Their hair was in worn up just as Rachel told them to have them and they looked beautiful. 

The music soon changed and everybody faced the doorways again as they opened one last time. There she was, Heru’s bride. From today on, she would be known as Mrs. Heru Shakur. She wore a strapless, white wedding gown with a skirt that wouldn’t look right on nobody else but her. Her hair was relaxed and curled so her veil would fit properly. The veil was covering her face because stupid tradition said that he couldn’t see her until she reached the podium where he was waiting for her. Mr. Campbell was walking her down and he was crying more than Rachel was. Heru wondered if it was because he was giving his daughter away or if it was because he was coming into his family. It was probably both. When they reached him, Heru took off Rachel’s veil and revealed her beautiful face, but most importantly, he saw the brown eyes that he fell in love with three years prior. 

“Be good to her, Heru,” Mr. Campbell said as Rachel reached out for Heru’s hand. 

“I will, Mr. Campbell.” Heru nodded and went to sit down as he and Rachel walked up to the podium and let the priest standing before us speak.

“We gather here to unite these two people in marriage. Their decision to marry has not been entered into lightly and today they publicly declare their private devotion to each other. The essence of this commitment is the acceptance of each other in entirety, as lover, companion, and friend. A good and balanced relationship is one in which neither person is overpowered nor absorbed by the other, one in which neither person is possessive of the other, one in which both give their love freely and without jealousy. Marriage, ideally, is a sharing of responsibilities, hopes, and dreams. It takes a special effort to grow together, survive hard times, and be loving and unselfish.”

This was the happiest day of Rachel Campbell’s life. She’d just walked down the aisle in a stunning wedding dress. She had grew up in a loving home with both parents. They had been together since they met in high school. The love Richard and Anika Campbell had for each other was breathe taking. Rachel looked over to her older brother Miles, who was very over protective of her and her younger sister, Rain who preached to her all the time about what she should and should not be doing with her life. Rain always has something to say about somebody else’s relationship all because she couldn’t keep a man if her life depended on it. There would be none of Rain’s mouth today. There was enough food for her fat ass to stuff her face. Tonight was Rachel’s night. It was all about her. 

Rachel always said when it was her turn for love, she hoped it was as great as her parents. She watched how her father showered her mom with love, and it showed ‘till this day. Anika always told her children that, a relationship and marriage take time and patience, but it’s never supposed to hurt. She said sometimes you had to pick your battle when your heart was a war with your mind. Those words were why worked so hard to get to this moment with Heru. Hell, Rachel didn’t think after her college sweet heart was hit and killed by a drunk driver, that she would be able to move on. She finally did and graduated college. When Heru came into her life, she wasn’t thinking about a man. Rachel was just doing her. Heru’s charm and good looks swept her off her feet. Rachel created this fantasy that one day they would get married, have kids and live happily ever after. Things never seemed to  die down.  The last two years they were together, it was amazing. They always had a good time in and out of the bedroom. When you saw Heru, Rachel was only two steps behind him. The no-special-occasion flowers, to the shopping sprees, to going on random trips to every where and nowhere on a spontaneous weekend. Rachel was head over heel in love.

“Rachel, do you take Heru as your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

Rachel smiled brightly. “I do.”

“Heru, do you take Rachel as your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

Heru’s eyes quickly found his family. He nodded to his mother and father than his eyes found her. His words became lost in his throat. Heru couldn’t do this. He couldn’t get married. He didn’t even know in his heart if he could marry Rachel with everything he knew now. Love was supposed to conquer all, but it couldn’t conquer this. His eyes found who his heart truly belonged to and he knew that he couldn’t do this.

“I—I can’t marry you, Rachel.” He admitted aloud, causing loud shocked gasps to fill the air...