Can you handle the truth?  If your significant other came home and told you they had someone else but they still loved you…would you agree to a polyamorous lifestyle?  Don’t be so quick to say NO. You never know until it happens to you. 


Meet Yani…she’s a pampered princess who’s married to Dash. The honeymoon period has worn off and marital issues ensue.  Most couples turn to therapy but not his couple.  Dash drops a bomb on Yani and tells her that the only way to fix their marriage is to accept his girlfriend…into their home.  This reality check stuns Yani into fighting for her marriage.  She’s not willing to walk away from all she’s helped build but when she meets Siri, her life goes from bad to worse.  Both women have a point to prove and neither is willing to walk away before proving it but not everyone is being honest and when you open your house up to.

Siri lives her life by her own rules and soon not only Yani but Dash will realize that three’s a crowd but when you open your doors to the unknown, it may be too late to undo the polygamist knot they’ve made.  

As you flip the pages of the unputadownable story of Dash, Yani and Siri, secret relationships are revealed, betrayal is discovered, and danger lurks in the shadows of this polyamorous relationship.  

Hold on tight and brace yourself as these three worlds collide.  


Although infidelity within a marriage is more common than I once imagined, each marriage, couple and situation is inherently unique. I could not tell you what will work for you, what is right for your marriage, or what went wrong. This story I can tell is my own. It is my experience. Through the devastating trials of discovering my husband’s affair, I was taught many lessons. Oftentimes we as women think…if my husband cheated on me, I’m leaving his ass and that was certainly my first thought until I got a raw dose of reality and a up close and personal kinship with his mistress.  Talk about a wake-up call.  Just be careful of saying what you will and will not do until you’re put in that situation.  

Don’t be so quick to call me stupid, naïve, dumb ass or gullible because you never know what you might do when your life as you know it is being snatched from under your feet.  I’ve never claimed to be the perfect wife and I know I’m spoiled as hell but I wasn’t about to let some woman waltz into this union and reap the benefits from all my pain and work. 

By reading my story, you may look at your own situation from a new perspective. You could gain ideas or insight that you had not thought of previously. At the very least, you may realize you are not alone in your struggle. You have no idea what some people are going through behind closed doors. 

With my situation, during the turmoil of dealing with my husband’s infidelity, I was hurt, pissed and revengeful.  That was my first reactions until I calmed down a little and could see that if I wanted my husband back, I was going to have to think out of the box and do something that most women would probably call me insane for but that was the only option I had.  

What woman can say that she was able to view the breakdown of her marriage through the eyes of the other woman?  Sounds interesting, right?  Oh, let me tell you, it was more than interesting and I’m surprised that we didn’t end up in jail but I certainly learned a lot.   

This story is of my most personal thoughts and happenings.  Again, don’t judge me until you have walked in my shoes.   




Female Caller: She’s tried to kill me with a knife.  Please hurry.

911 Operator: The police are on their way. Can you get out of the house?

Female Caller: No.

911 Operator: Is there somewhere you can hide, somewhere with a door that locks?

Female Caller: I’m in the kitchen. Please hurry. 

911 Operator: Stay on the line with me.

 unclear – indistinct crying

 Female Caller: Oh god, please, hurry up.

911 Operator: The police will be there any minute. Stay on the line with me. Can you tell me what’s happening? Who is it that’s got the knife?

 series of screams and crying – followed by a crash

Female Caller: I couldn’t help it.  Please don’t…

911 Operator: Hello? Are you there?


 Female Caller: No! Get off me. She’s going to kill me!

 sounds of a struggle

911 Operator: Hello? Are you there? Hello?

Female Caller: Hello?

911 Operator: Are you OK? What happened? The police are pulling up outside now.

Female Caller: She’s dead. I think she might be dead. Oh god. Oh god. please. oh my god. She’s not moving. There’s blood. A lot of blood.

911 Operator: Is she breathing? Hold on, is someone else there with you? Who else is that?

Female Caller: This is not my fault. Please believe this is not my fault.  She pushed me to this.


 911 Operator: Can you check for a pulse?

Female Caller: I... oh god. I don’t know. Please can you send an ambulance?

911 Operator: It’s on its way. You need to stay calm. Can you do that for me?

Female Caller: Yes. Yes, I think so. Oh my god.

911 Operator: What’s your name? Can you give me your name?

Female Caller: She came at me. with a knife. I think I’ve killed her.





















Chapter 1 – Young and immature Yani

    I tried my best to control my facial muscles as the smile kept trying to creep up on my face but I knew if I smiled, my cover would be blown.  There was enough drama going on in this house thanks to me and I couldn’t show my pleasure just yet.  My eyes quickly darted to the soft crying in my room and just shook my head.  This fucking cow had made my life a living hell and I didn’t give a shit she was being made to pack all her belongings and get the hell out of me and my dad’s house.  The sight of her spotty ass made me sick.

    Sitting on my white sleigh bed, I thought of how better my life was about to be after her and her mother which was my step mother got the hell out.  My father should have just left things the way they were with just the two of us but he had to go and fall in love with that woman and before I knew it, I had a step mother and a step sister and sharing my dad wasn’t something I was willing to do.  I played the role in front of him but the day they said I DO is the same day I started putting my plans into motion.  I had to get rid of these two bitches by any means necessary.  

    How dare this girl move into my house and think she was going to take my father away from me.  She played on his sympathy too damn much and now it was time to go.  You see, my step sister Iris had vitiligo and my father had taken on the role of her protector and I couldn’t stand it.  When kids teased her, it was my father she would come home and cry to and sure enough, he would lift her up and have her smiling in not time.  That was bullshit and made my blood boil.  Now, don’t judge me too harshly because I too had issues and I felt as though my father should have tried to deal with me more instead of bringing another woman and her daughter into our lives.   My mother hadn’t been gone a year before he started dating Candice and that broke my heart.  

    “Yani, why don’t you like me?  What did I ever do to you?  Please talk to your dad.”  Iris said stuffing clothes into her suitcase.  Her voice was laced with hurt but dammit, I was hurt too and no one seemed to care.  Imagine a thirteen-year-old girl having to go through all the shit I’ve been through.  I needed my father and we didn’t need them.  Iris and I were the same age and our parents thought we would get along famously but that didn’t happen.  After they moved in, Iris tried to be my instant best friend and while I had to hide my true feelings, I played it off for the most part.  Our parents even went as far as to have us share my bedroom thinking it would help us bond but that only made me resent her even more.

    “My dad isn’t happy with your mom Iris, what do you want me to do?”

    She stopped packed her glared at me.  I hope I wasn’t going to have to pop this girl on her way out.  “Stop it Yani.  You’re the only one that’s not happy and all this is happening because of you.  Why do you have to be so spoiled? I love it here and I don’t’ want to go.”

    Before I could answer her, we were interrupted by her mother bursting in our room in tears.  “Yani, honey, if I’ve ever done anything to you, we could have sat down as a family and discussed it.  This is so extreme.”  

    My father was right behind her and I could see the hurt in his eyes.  For some reason, he loved his crazy ass woman and her daughter but that was bullshit because he should have been there for me when I needed him the most…when my mother died.

    “Candice, don’t drag the kids into this, come on, you’re making this worse.”  My dad Bruce said gently grabbing Candice by the arm as tears poured down her face.  “Do not do this in front of the girls. This is adult business.”

    It was as if a switch was flicked up on Candice as she snatched her arm away from my dad.  

    “Adult business, is it?  Bruce, you must be kidding yourself.  You’re too blind to see that you’re allowing Yani to run your damn life and not only that, she has turned you against Iris and me.  Wake up.  The problem is, your daughter acts like she’s the other woman instead of staying in a child’s place. Listen, we can all get counseling and we can work through this.  How can you just turn your back on Iris like this?  You two have built a beautiful father daughter relationship and you’re not trying to save this family?  Everything can’t revolve around Yani.”

    My dad looked torn and I knew it was time to kick it up at notch.  There was no way I was coming this close to ridding myself of these two to not see them walking out the front door. As far as I was concerned, I was his biological daughter and I came before both of them so she was right in a way…I was the other woman and if I have my way, I will be the only female in this house or until I felt differently.  

    “Dad please make her stop yelling, she’s making it worse.”  Hell, since they were crying I turned on the water works too.  My dad never liked to see me cry and I knew that would be on the icing on the cake.  

    “Candice, I told you that I would rent you and Iris a house for six months so stop making this harder than it is.  We both have little girls to watch over and it’s best for everyone to start healing.”  He walked out of the room and the three of us remained.  Iris was crying and Candice and I was staring each other down.

    “This is not child’s play little girl, you are messing with my life.  I love my husband and I won’t stand for this.’

    I heard my father coming in and out of the front door and I assumed he was taking their bags out and a small smile formed on my face as I gave Candice the hardest stare I could muster up and offered her my parting words… “Your husband belongs to me.”

    Candice shot me an evil look, told Iris to come on and just like that, they were gone.  I saw tears in my dad’s eyes but he didn’t’ let them fall.  In all honesty, Candice and Iris weren’t terrible people but I wasn’t ready to share my father with anyone and I didn’t like how close he and Iris were becoming.  He was my father and that was it.  

    From this point on, I was going to be the only female in my dad’s life until I had a change of heart and I really didn’t see that happening any time soon.  Call me a spoiled brat all you want, I don’t’ give a shit.  

Now it was time for me to have the life that I was deserving of.