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If His Status Ain't Hood

Londyn St. Claire is foolishly in love with Choppa and has been since high school. Loving him through thick and thin, she puts up with the physical altercations, pregnancy scares and all of the other unnecessary drama from all of the many other women he messed with on the side - all for the sake of being in love with a ruffneck. Meanwhile, Jay, who is the complete opposite of Choppa, is the person that Londyn least suspects to declare his love for her and vows to love her the way she deserves. 

Bed hopping from one to the next, Jabari Carter AKA Choppa, thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Getting in the panties is never the problem, that’s the easy part. But what he never seems to learn is anything that’s easily given to you comes with a price and may not be worth keeping. His “new booty, no strings attached” philosophy blows up in his face when he hits rock bottom. Once he finds out he might be looking at doing hard time, he soon realizes that he can’t depend on any of them. Locked up, broke and stuck - all of his females disappear when shit gets real. The only one left by his side is the one that he disrespected, cheated on and didn’t fully appreciate, Londyn. 

Kennedy Jones is on a mission, and that’s to be more than Choppa’s sidepiece. While focusing on being his main, she lusts after him with no shame or regard for Londyn or her position in Choppa’s life. Determined, nothing stands in her way not even her very own relationship with Raymond, which she carelessly tosses to the side like trash. 

Will Kennedy measure up to be the woman Choppa needs in his life when the chips fall? 

While Londyn and Kennedy chase after their ideal hood love, will they pass up real love from someone worthy just because they’re not from the streets? 

If their status ain’t hood, they’re not feelin’ em.



OCT. 25th!




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