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A Matter of Perception 

Serenity Love, a renowned celebrity talk show host of Perception, boasts a podcast with over 500 million followers. Her unique angle involves exposing the secrets of those she encounters to craft captivating stories. As her climb to success continues, haunting memories from her past surface, casting doubt on her reality and jeopardizing her status. Stricken by an inexplicable illness that triggers electromagnetic sensations, she fears the hand of karma closing in. Unaware of the consequences, she employs her newfound abilities, catching the attention of her trusted physician, Dr. Cruz, who recognizes her as the linchpin to a citywide puzzle. 

A prominent divorce attorney, Haylee Santiago, stands at the center of a complex love triangle. Engaged to billionaire real estate magnate Logan Prescott, she navigates a complicated dynamic relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband, career criminal Nico Cortez. Balancing her concealed truths for survival, she's drawn into a web of intrigue to aid her friend Serenity in outsmarting the architects of an unprecedented heist. In a shocking revelation, Haylee becomes the ultimate pawn in Dr. Cruz's plan to unveil her extraordinary gift to the world.

Monroe Rivers, a distinguished Wall Street advisor, finds herself entangled in the schemes of her friends Serenity and Haylee. Entrusted with orchestrating a scam targeting Nico's crew, Dr. Cruz, and The Secret Service, she's tasked with siphoning billions from high-profile accounts without detection. As she grapples with her lack of supernatural abilities, resentment festers, driving her to pursue revenge and seize control over their status and fortunes. 

As tensions mount, The Secret Service uncovers the trio's hidden truths, leveraging this knowledge to undermine Dr. Cruz and Nico's team. In a bid to secure cooperation, they conspire to orchestrate an audacious heist involving diamonds, drugs, and money laundering on an unprecedented scale. The resulting chaos leads to an inevitable unraveling of their facades, thrusting their once-glamourous lives into a tumultuous and unavoidable descent.



MARCH 4th!

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