NOLA Street Tales

In the city of New Orleans, crime is at an all-time high as the streets are flushed with drugs and poverty as most inner cities are. This city is different; however, one of the major players in the drug game is a female, which is unheard of on the streets.

For years, Sharice has worked to build her reputation to survive in the male-dominated drug game and has almost made it to the top in the Faction, a criminal organization that consists of three different bosses who control several major cities. With all the work she’s put in, Sharice feels she’s earned the right to become the organization’s first female boss.

While she has the backing of Atlanta Boss, the mafia connected John ‘Johnny Boy’ Bianchi, due to her support in the past, she’s yet to sway Miami Boss Rico Hernandez, or her own Boss, ‘Money’ Mike Rashad. Tensions run high when a local dealer decides to test Sharice and her crew to take back what he believes is his territory.

With schemes and betrayal going against her, a new FBI investigation specifically targeting her, and an old flame returning to her life, this is a tale of one woman trying to maintain as things around her begin to crumble. Will she sacrifice everything she believes in and everyone she loves in order to achieve the top spot?



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