Fatal Temptation 

Newlywed Harper Houston believes nothing can penetrate the perfect marriage she has with her husband, Elijah. However, still fresh in the honeymoon stage of their elopement, hidden issues between Harper and Elijah rise to the surface, which slowly deteriorates their wedded bliss. This unresolved strain causes both Harper and Elijah to indulge in activities neither of them would ever consider.

Upon being introduced to her handsome new boss, Kian Ross, there’s an instant attraction between the two. Harper is surprised she feels the way she does towards Kian. Harper tries hard to downplay the lust she feels towards him since he is her boss. Also, at the end of the day, she is a married woman, which means she’s off-limits. However, Kian doesn’t care. What he wants, he gets, and what he wants is Harper.

Even though Harper is having issues within her marriage, she knows her loyalty lies with her husband. But Elijah’s constant screw-ups and disregard for her in general finds her resolve slowly weakening. Causing Harper to find herself fighting herself to choose between right and wrong regarding Kian.

Which path will Harper choose? And with her choice, is Harper prepared for all that comes with it?

Find out in Fatal Temptation!




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