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The Henderson Brothers Legacy

Brynn Henderson experiences the worst day of his life when his father Jameson Henderson, screenwriter and CEO of Henderson Studios, is tragically murdered. Brynn worked by his father’s side producing movies for years and doesn’t know what his life will look like without his father in it. Brynn wants justice and soon after his father’s death he learns of a secret that has been kept for years that forever changes his family. Brynn is left to split his father’s billion-dollar fortune with his brothers, but shocking information about control of Henderson Studios makes it hard to move forward.

Emory Henderson feels he is at his breaking point with the revelation he finds out on the day his father died. But his biggest regret is not showing his father what he could achieve before his death. Emory is determined to make a name for himself and sets out to achieve his dreams. On the way to the top Emory encounters a temptation that might make him lose it all.

Gage Walker Henderson is living a peaceful life in New York with his wife Trinity when he is notified of the death of his father he never knew. Gage was content teaching a creative writing class and attending church. He feels overwhelmed to meet his new family in Los Angeles. The bright spot is now Gage gets to pursue his real passion, follow in his father’s footsteps as a screenwriter, and build a legacy with his brothers. But the new move brings to light problems in his marriage he never knew he had.



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