Prey in the Pulpit

Vision of Life in Los Angeles was one of the most popular churches to attend for Los Angeles’ youth. It had the best music, youth programs, and opportunities to rise in the ranks. Dorian Temple, a young drummer who had been attending the church for most of his teenage years, began to notice some heavy cracks in the perfect façade of Bishop Wilmington’s Los Angeles mega church. Although he saw the Bishop and First Lady put on the front of a strong, Christian couple, the two were anything but. Gossip from behind closed doors would reveal a neurotic, power-hungry minister whose wife would one day mysteriously disappear.

Watching all the chaos, Dorian wanted to get to the bottom of it. However, the Bishop quickly introduces Aniyah, a beautiful, former homeless young woman who takes the entire congregation’s breath away. It isn’t long before Dorian is able to uncover what’s underneath the gilded surface and find out the new, spoiled darling of the church is also beginning to fall into the Bishop’s dangerous trap.

Once more church officials uncover the Bishop’s double life, there are two choices: obedience to the man of God without question or termination. Dorian, not afraid of either, decides to use his own wits to find evidence of child sex trafficking, abuse, murder, and theft all under everyone’s nose. Risking his sanity and life, he is ready to face the Bishop and his powerful schemes created to protect his perfect image. God will surely have to be on his side when Dorian is ready to expose one of the most powerful religious leaders in the state. However, will the young drummer become a hero, or will he just end up as more Prey in the Pulpit?






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