Down For A New Orleans Gangsta

In the finale of this epic series of money, power, and loyalty, everything finally comes to a head for the Blood Mafia Family. While trying to move on with her life after finding out the man she’s loved for so long cheated on her, Sapphire is seemingly pulled right back into Rook when she finds out that she’s pregnant with twins. If that news wasn’t enough to shake some rattles, the entire crew worlds are rocked hard when Rook is fatally shot by a rival gang. With his life now hanging in the balance, Sapphire makes a tough decision to leave her involvement with Blood Mafia behind and focus on building something better for her unborn with or without Rook. Will Rook survive his demise? If so, will he leave the game to please Sapphire? Or will his loyalty be forever to the streets that raised him?

Supreme already has enough drama on his plate with running the organization and trying to keep his marriage intact, but when he finds that he is indeed the father of Legacy Jr, the drama only seems to mount when he has to deal with Brekia’s constant petty behavior toward him and A’Khyia. Will he finally get a handle on making sure Breky respects his wife and marriage? Or is this a bit of drama that will never end? As if his drama with Breky isn’t enough to blow a fuse, finding out that one of his best friends has been shot sends Supreme on a raging warpath, ready to kill everything in sight. Will Supreme finally end the beef between Blood Mafia and the Haitian Cartel? Or is this rivalry destined to live on throughout the generations?

With death comes new life as many of the Blood Mafia leaders are anticipating the arrivals of their unborns, and others are watching their young ones come of age right before their eyes. The new bloodline is ready to take their places in the family business, but will their parents be open to allowing their children to lead Blood Mafia into the next generation? Only one way to find out…



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