Sins of a Husband

From the moment Dolcè Govan could walk and talk, his parents knew they’d birthed a star. His passion and knack for music, acting and art turned him into a child star when he got his first job in a commercial at the age of eleven. He was a natural talent excelling in not only acting, art, and music but also sports such as: track, football, basketball, boxing, and karate. By the age of thirty, Dolcè had taken the entertainment and business world by storm, becoming one of the youngest multimillionaire moguls in the world. Soon fame and business began to take an illegal turn with mafia ties, racketeering, murder, and so much more involved, leading to the murder of Dolcè at the age of thirty-nine.

Dolcè’s death didn’t only leave millions of fans and admirers to grieve—he also left behind a heap of family, including his seven children and three women who loved him: Prada Govan: his wife and mother to their four children. Stoney Logan: his ex and mother to two of his sons. Hazel Washington: Prada’s younger cousin and mother of Dolcè’s youngest son. Jumping from the 1990s to 2019, this story highlights and traces the life and secrets of Dolcè Govan leading up to the night of his tragic death as Prada is left to fill the void of losing the only man she ever loved and deal with the drama from the two other women she shared a part of him with.

Prada, Stoney, and Hazel each loved Dolcè for different reasons, but can they learn to share him in death? Will the person behind Dolcè’s murder be brought to justice? Is Dolcè really dead or is this just a game of cat and mouse? This is the life and secrets of the late and great Dolcè Govan.



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