A Coveted Love

Have you ever heard your elder say envy can be dangerous?


Well Season Stefeson is finding out firsthand that the phrase is so true. She’s had her share of bad relationships while her best friend Frankie tells her she’s crazy for even attempting to try love.

The truth is Season grew up craving the love she feels she never received from her parents. Love even leaves her blindsided by half-truths that tear a family apart and leave her with the deepest scars. How could someone profess to love while serving up lies. Do you think it’s true that we eat lies when we’re hungry?

When Miles Moore introduces himself to Season Stefeson, she sees a fine, well-groomed man who is on a mission to find a companion. She quickly becomes someone to fill his lonely nights with warmth and his days with good vibes and laughter.

​After her breakup with her boyfriend Pete, Season just wants to take a break from men and relationships. However, Miles finds a way to get Season to reopen her heart. He becomes her breath of fresh air after dealing with Peter who operated in their relationship as a hardened thug.

​Season’s best friend Frankie, wants more of Season. She often complains that it seems Season puts her relationships with the men in her life over her. When one crazy thing after another starts to happen, Season won't deem it as coincidental.

​In fact, she begins to give her best friend the side eye. Shouldn't she be rooting for her to fall in love rather than telling her to shun it, Especially when she knows Season's background. But the same question should be asked, of Season, shouldn't she be more careful with her love after the experiences she has had?



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